Check your cargo bike 2024

Babboe has identified safety risks affecting certain models of cargo bike. On this website, you can check whether there is a safety risk for your cargo bike and the relevant option(s) available to you.

Carry out the safety check

The unique frame number of your cargo bike allows us to check whether it meets the specified safety requirements. We advise every Babboe owner to carry out the safety check.

What if your cargo bike is covered by the recall?

The following scenarios are possible:

You will receive an exchange certificate for a new bike if your cargo bike is 5 years old or less*. After we have collected your current cargo bike, you will receive an exchange certificate. You can use this to select a new bike from a range of options. Because you have not been able to use your cargo bike for some time, you will be offered a cargo bike of a higher quality. If required, you can also choose an (electric) bike instead of a cargo bike.

You will receive a discount on a new replacement bike if your cargo bike is more than 5 years old*. If you own a Babboe cargo bike that is covered by the recall but is more than 5 years old, the current value will be taken into account. This current value can be used when purchasing a new bike. You will always be offered at least a new (non-electric) bike.

*If your cargo bike was delivered on or after 1 January 2019, you will receive a new cargo bike. If your cargo bike was delivered before 1 January 2019 , the current value will be calculated.

Please note: you will receive your credit or discount by email in the form of an excahne certificate once your current cargo bike has been collected by our logistics partner. You can then use the exchange certificate to order your new (cargo) bike from the special online shop.

What if your cargo bike is not covered by the recall?

If your bike is not part of the recall, you must still undergo an inspection. To ensure the safety of your cargo bike, we require you to arrange an appointment for a free inspection at a Babboe Inspection Partner before continuing to use the bike. Where necessary, we will replace certain parts with an improved part at a later stage. If you are unable to make it to a dealer please contact the UK customer service team who can arrange an alternative.

Please check the following before cycling to the dealer on your cargo bike:

1. Do not place anything in the cargo bike's cargo box.

2. Check that your cargo bike has no visible signs of damage or cracks to the frame, seat post (the tube your saddle sits on) or steering column (the tube your handlebars sit on).

3. Keep an eye on whether your cargo bike cycles normally while riding, cornering, and braking.

4. Avoid high speeds (maximum 15 km per hour) and high-speed bumps for inspection.

Below, you can check whether your cargo bike meets the specified safety requirements.

View the instructions

Good news! Your cargo bike is good and has no safety hazards.

There is a safety risk with your current cargo bike.

It is therefore covered by the recall.

Unknown status

The safety risks to your cargo bike are currently under investigation. Please leave your contact information for updates.

Your frame number is not recognized

Please try again and click 'check'. Are you sure this is your frame number and it is still not recognized? Then leave your details.

It is currently very busy, please try again in an hour.

We have already received your information for this frame number.

There may be a safety risk with your current cargo bike.

Babboe will therefore inspect your cargo bike.

Contact your leasing company. They can inform you of the next steps.

You will receive a refund proposal

No frame number found?

Can't find a frame number? Describe your cargo bike to us as best you can so we can help you. Contact form